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NVAU, Space, Electro and EP Skylab

Hello readers of Electric Campfire! I am the creator behind NVAU. In 2016 I started thinking about my first EP. Roughly a year later, I had "Skylab" released on Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, Deezer and a handful other music platforms. Skylab was the first space station sent out by NASA in the 1970's, its main purpose was to...
Abstract Reverie Cover

Abstract Reverie – Instrumental Album based on Fantasy and Scifi

Hey all, For years I've been passionate about music. All sorts of music. Also video games. This is my first attempt at something cohesive like an album. It's been tough and a lot of hardwork but incredibly enjoyable. It's not EDM at all...I hope that's not a problem. Anyway, for this album, I really wanted to take...
Earn Points

Earn Points for Participating

We are excited to announce that users can now earn points for being a part of the community. We value your participation in this community tremendously, so we want to reward you for your contributions. We have put together a point system that allows users to collect points for various reasons. On a specified date...
Emporium Fairytales

Emporium FairyTales

Hello and thank you for reading this. Today, I'm going to write about Emporium Fairytales. Emporium is an annually held festival hosted by Matrixx. This festival starts on the 27th of May 2017. It is located in Wijchen at a place called "De Berendonck". Wijchen is located next to Nijmegen, and around a 40 min drive...
Emporium Music Festival

First Intro + Expectations

Hello and thank you for reading this! Let me start off with who I am and what you can expect from me from now on! My name is Mark and I live in the Netherlands. I'm 26 years old and right in the middle of exams/finals, so I have enough stress to go around haha. My passion...

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Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes

The electronic music world gets a pretty bad reputation sometimes. I’ve discovered a large population of people who are unfamiliar with the scene. They tend to view it as groups of people wearing next to nothing, doing excessive amounts of MDMA, and pumping their fist in the air repeatedly. I’m certainly not saying this...
Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap

More electronic songs are taking top spots in the Billboard top 100 every week. Producers like the Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Jack U, Calvin Harris and Major Lazer have been dominating the top 10 spots for months. It’s no question electronic music is taking over hit radio stations and becoming the dominant genre for young...
The Power of Music

The Power of Music

A dramatic spike in music festival attendance has the world wondering, ‘Why?’ Instead of putting our hard earned money into investment funds and savings accounts, now more than ever, millennials are prioritizing personal experiences over preparing for the future. In a recent study Eventbrite conducted on millennials fueling the experience economy, they found 78 per cent...

Creative Arts & Music Collective

Electric Campfire Spotify CoverA crackling campfire has been at the center of human interaction for over a million years. The campfire is a warm gathering place we are naturally drawn to to discuss the day, share experiences, tell stories and receive teachings – a place to connect to one another. We explore each other’s’ worlds, debate forms of self-care, how to care for others and our earth. The glow fuels creativity by showcasing artists and treating listeners to the vibrations of a drum circle or the serenade of a stringed instrument. Fireside, we have the chance to universally connect using beautiful sounds and deep conversations.

As the world adapts to our ever more digital lifestyle, we must maintain the deeply human desire to gather at a fire’s edge and build community around its embers.

Here is where we have found Electric Campfire.

A place where those lost in the cold will find a welcoming community of artists, wise-men and women, seasoned travellers, and storytellers. A population so diverse and accepting of every individual, it has the power to inspire the discovery of one’s own voice. Electric Campfire is warmth in sound, self growth and unity. An inviting contrast to our increasingly cold, digital universe.